Bootstrapping OpenPKG

The bootstrap process with OpenPKG is very straightforward on supported systems. First one builds a binary installation script from a source script, then one installs that binary installation script. The binary installation script can then be used for original installation on similar systems (e.g. SuSE 8.1, freebsd-4.7, etc.). A tutorial is available on the OpenPKG web site.

The first part of the bootstrap, building from sources requires arguments to specify the default package prefix, users, and groups for each of the OpenPKG ownership groups (the super user group defaults to root and the root group unless overridden). This build produces a shell script containing the compiled binary distribution which will be used to create one or more instances of OpenPKG on the system.

The second part of the bootstrap process is executing the binary bootstrap script created above once for each instance of OpenPKG on the system. This script takes an argument, --prefix=/directory'' which will override the prefix specified when building the script.

The bootstrap installation does the appropriate things to: