Table of Contents
What is OpenPKG?
Why would I use OpenPKG?
OpenPKG Users & Permissions
Bootstrapping OpenPKG
Building Packages with OpenPKG
Run Control
Changes in Celestial's System Installations

What is OpenPKG?

OpenPKG is a portable package management system designed to ease the job of administration of multiple Unix systems (Unix systems include FreeBSD, Linux, Solaris, and similar systems). OpenPKG provides a way to manage systems, largely independent of the Unix type, and of the particular distribution within diverse systems such as Linux.

OpenPKG was originally developed by Cable and Wireless (C&W) in Europe as a tool to make the job of maintaining large numbers of Unix systems manageable. C&W is a large ISP (Internet Service Provider) in Europe with many systems running FreeBSD, Solaris, and Linux.

The OpenPKG Handbook is also available which goes into OpenPKG in depth.